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Deadline of this assignment is set to: 2020-04-03 20:00:00

1. Task: Table Dimensions

Igor grew up and now he needs a new writing desk in his children's room. He is now in a furniture store and he found a table he likes very much, but he is not sure it will fit in the room. He pulled out a robot from his backpack that is to measure it. Unfortunatelly, he forgot to upload a program to that robot at home. Will you help him and write a new program?

Task: The robot is placed at a random location on top of the desk with a rectangular shape. Its task is to measure all 3 table dimensions: the height, the width, and the breadth and show them on the display.

2. Task: Shadows

Veronika is not ready to sleep yet sometimes when she has to go to bed already. She then shows Andrej a dog, a parrot, a spider, and some other animals and creatures on the wall.


Task: build and program a robot that will project a shadow theater on the wall. The shadows will be formed by illuminating LEGO parts that the robot will be moving. You can exchange several different attachments, arms, etc. onto the robot. We will be evaluating the artistic impression as well as the technical solution.