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Team name: bgrobot

Open league

Assignment: Vzpierač a stavbár

The robot goes straight until he meets the black line. Then he calculates the distance between the two black lines with the color captor. He turned on the right by 90°c and goes straight during a choosen distance. He turns left by 90°c go and calculates the distance with the black line. Then he goes back and calculated when he meets the other black line. Finally he calculates where the two lines touche them.





Solved tasks: Road Construction

1. Very nice solution, but unfortunately, you didn't show that it works in different situations. Fact that robot starts every time in the same position makes the task simpler. 2,5 pt s

2. Good precision. 3 pts.

3. You are getting 3 points. You have all pictures. Your description is fine, but it isn't 90°c like Celsius or centigrade but it's only 90° :). Program and video is fine :)

4. Really nice job. Solution is perfect, but one thing that would be nice to add is small explanation about math used to calculate right position. 3 pts.

Unused points: 0