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Deadline of this assignment is set to: 2021-04-28 20:00:00

1. Task: Roulette

After yet another government crisis, it appeared that a new ministry chair needs to be selected for the former prime minister so that the demands of the coallition "partners" will be satisfied.

Task: Build and program a roullette wheel or a wheel of fortune/disaster that first accepts the user input - the number of available ministry chairs (N, between 1 and 20). Then, the wheel will autonomously start spinning, and the rotating part will separate from the engines. The friction forces finally win the figtht with the with the inertia, and the wheel will stop in some position. The machine will use the sensors to read this position, decode and announce the leader's new chair number between 1 and N on the display as well as using the sound output. Decorate the work of the machine with interesting sound effects.

Clarification: you can use a paper dial in your construction, if you like to.

2. Task: Poker

Most of the important decisions in our society are made by members of the jet set, i.e. rich millionaires, billionaires, banks and mafia. They all like to meet at luxury parties, sometimes wearing mardi gras costumes, sometimes waiting in the pre-trial detention cells or already while sitting their sentence. To spend their time there, they play poker and they are getting bored shuffling the cards.

Task: build and program a robot into which you can first place a pack of cards, and then the robot will shuffle their order randomly. Document and describe your solution.