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Welcome to the Robot League!


Do you like to build and program LEGO robots? Join the Robot League!


How do we rate?

Your solutions will be precisely analysed by these 4 people: Dominika - a student at FMFI UK, Miška or Karolína - assistant professors at FMFI UK, Miška from FMFI UK who helped us in organizing FLL, and Rišo - teacher at FEI STU, the contest is coordinated by Pavel Petrovič - a teacher from FMFI UK:

Every one of them will independently assign 0-3 points, depending on the originality and completeness of the solution (it contains pictures, a video, a program, a good description and the robot is doing what he should be doing). The arithmetic mean of their ratings will be added to the table.

Note: The Robot League is not a direct part of FLL, it should be considered as a pre-competition training brought by Robotika.SK, FMFI UK, FEI STU, and CVTI SR. RL is a part of the project Robocoop financed by the EU project Interreg.