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Team name: bgrobot

About the team:

Open league

Assignment: Hockey and calibration

he robot moves until it detects the puck with the ultrason captor, then he calculates the distance between him and the wall with the ultrason captor, he takes the puck, placed himself in a specific place with the distance that he has calculated before and strike with his cane.





Tasks solved: hockey.

1. You are getting 3 points. You have all pictures. Your description is fine, but it could be more detailed. Program is very difficult, think about a program that will be easier. :)

2. The robot works nicely in your videos, but I don't think your program would be successful in all cases. If the puck would be placed further left, the robot would not move it in front of the goal. 2.5 pts.

3. Very nice construction. Shooting is a bit complicated, maybe less reliable. But the problem is solved. Welcome on board! 3pts

4. Great work, I would recommend commenting major points in your program. For example, in the part that makes distance measurement, you can add something like 'here the robot measures distance between him and wall'. It can bring a lot of clarity into your programs. When you open it after some time, you don't have to rediscover what the program does block by block, which can be helpful with more complex programs. Also be careful with a long sequence of motor movements. In small scale as you do, it doesn't matter, but if you queue up too many commands for motors without checking if you are in proper position, small deviations can sum up to a large one leaving you somewhere where you don't want to be. But these are just some ideas and overall the solution is great! 3pts.

We are so happy to have you with us, stay for some more! :-)

Unused points: 0